President’s Message

Lynn C. Guidry, AIA
President, AIA Louisiana

I am honored by the opportunity to serve as your AIA Louisiana President in 2018, the 75th anniversary of AIA Louisiana.

During my 42 years of being a licensed architect, I have seen many changes in our profession. From the tools I grew up with – the drafting board, the Mayline, the electric eraser – to today’s tools – AutoCAD, Revit, BIM – the way we work has changed almost beyond recognition. Similarly, I have seen many changes in our organization from the days when we were known as the Louisiana Architects Association and State work was awarded to a chosen few, to today’s 1100 member strong, vastly respected organization that among other things crafted the State’s Architects Selection process.

As we embark on our Diamond Jubilee year, I propose two challenges. First, we should celebrate our past by documenting our history and the important contributions we have made to Louisiana’s built environment; it is a fitting time to memorialize those accomplishments.  Second, as we look back, it is also important that we look forward: at our profession, at our organization, and at ourselves.  The changes in our profession that we have all experienced will exponentially increase over the next few years. How do we keep up? What are we doing well? What can we improve? What changes do we need to make in order to address a changing world?

I look forward to your comments and assistance during this milestone year for AIA Louisiana.


Lynn Guidry, AIA